The world has become a global village after the advancement of internet technology, and exporting culture is not new. We have seen that the United States and the United Kingdom have successfully distributed their culture through their TV series and movies. Now, countries like South Korea and Turkey are getting attention because of their television content. 

Indeed, Turkish series, which are recognized by the name ‘dizi,’ are getting much attention from international viewers. Several regional TV channels, including the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Balkan states, have already aired Turkish serials with local dubbing. 

However, if you want to watch a Turkish series with English subtitles online, follow our suggestions.

The Best Websites to Watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles

We curated this list based on database size, video quality, daily provision of new episodes, translation value, and UI of sites. Have a look:

NoSites/AppsBest forStatus
1.ExpressDiziWatch the most recent Turk dramasFree
2.Promix TVGood collection of both old & new seriesFree
3.AR Dirilis ErtugrulAd-free site to stream historical seriesFree
4.NetflixAd-free app to watch unique series from TurkeyPaid
5.TurkFlixExtensive collection of quality subbed shows Paid
6.YouTubeSeveral shows are available with subsFree

1. ExpressDizi


ExpressDizi is the best and most secure website to stream Turkish series with English subtitles. It is completely free, and luckily, you don’t see annoying popup ads on this platform. With a sizable library, all new Turkish serials with recent episodes are available on ExpressDizi. 

It usually displays the most recent episodes on the homepage. So viewers can seamlessly find and open their desired episode and show. Turk series like Kızılcık Serbeti, Yabani, Yargi, Bambaska Biri, etc could be seen here.

  • Free to watch Turkish series with English translation
  • Doesn’t ask for a registration
  • Own a massive library of modern Turkish dramas 



WLEXT is one of the few free platforms that streams Turkish dizi with a DMCA policy. Yes, it has been seen that most freemium options violate dramas’ copyright status. However, WLEXT has been streaming Türkiye dizi, modern Chinese dramas, telenovelas, and Asian shows for the last 8 years with a DMCA disclaimer. 

Fortunately, viewers also benefit from a download option with a live streaming facility on WLEXT. It confers 3 servers in this regard. 

  • Free sites to watch & download Turkish dramas
  • Have a big collection of Turkish dizi 
  • Follows DMCA policy

3. AR Dirilis Ertugrul

AR Dirilis Ertugrul

Historical Turkish series has a worldwide acknowledgement. So, if you are an overseas viewer of period dramas from Türkiye with English subtitles, AR Dirilis Ertugrul is the answer. You can access celebrated fiction series like Kurulus: Osman, Diriliş: Ertuğrul, Destan, Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu, and much more here. 

On the contrary, there is also good news for Türkiye movie admirers because several renowned movies are available on AR Dirilis Ertugrul. However, you must subscribe to the premium package if you want to download these historical shows and movies. 

  • Free & without ads
  • Excellent picture quality with better translation
  • Big library of Turkish movies and historical shows

4. SuperRikki


With a dark interface, SuperRikki is a new but trusted website for watching Turkish series online. To search for your favourite shows, you don’t only find a search box but can also utilize categories like family, crime, and drama. By the way, DigitalCruch has already mentioned SuperRikki when it comes to streaming Sen Cal Kapimi with English subtitles

Although users don’t find popup ads on the website, but it launches advertisements when you play the video. SuperRikki probably offers a premium subscription to users to avoid ads. 

  • New & Free Place 
  • Smooth Interface with Quality Translation
  • Ads appear when you play the video content

5. Osman Online


If you want to watch Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare, Uyanis Büyük Selcuklu, Payitaht: Abdülhamid, and similar fiction series from Türkiye with Eng subs, Osman Online should be a prime destination. This free website also shares the English-subbed trailers of upcoming episodes through WhatsApp with users. 

  • Freemium platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • A limited number of English-translated historical shows

6. Netflix


Netflix is the perfect and economical choice if you are looking for the answer to where to watch Turk dramas dubbed in English. You find phenomenal translations and crisp HD quality on Netflix compared to free sites. Withal, this platform prefers to display Netflix Originals shows.

Correspondingly, Netflix is highly compatible with all devices so that you can watch your favourite diziler on any of your mobile or desktop gadgets. The Tailor, The Protector, Mid Night at the Pera Palace, The Gift, and Love 101 are some prominent shows hereof. 

  • Paid application to watch English-subbed Turkish movies & series
  • Excellent translation & picture quality
  • Offers English, Spanish & Arabic-dubbed Turkish dramas
  • No ads
  • An ad-supported plan of Netflix charges you $7/month. The monthly price of the premium program commences from $23.

7. Promix TV

Promix TV Turkish Shows

Promix TV is an old platform to find one of your favourite Turkish movies and shows in English. Fortunately, it is not a reliable platform to stream series from Turkey with English subs, but it also has a section for Spanish translation. 

Indeed, top-rated Turk dramas like Sefirin Kizi, Marasli, Sen Cal Kapimi, and Hercai en Español are available on Promix TV. The only drawback of Serial4U is its policy of showcasing popup ads. These advertisements destroy your online streaming experience for sure. 

  • Free website to watch Turkish series in Spanish & English
  • It is easy to get the link to all episodes on the same page
  • Popup ads are the major drawback

8. Puhutv

Puhutv App

Puhutv is a Turkey-based 100% legal website and application to stream Turkish series online. With 11 million monthly active users, this platform doesn’t only own a vast collection of Turkish serials, but you can also enjoy the live streams. Yes, it broadcasts the popular Turkish channels like Star TV and NTV live.

By the same token, it makes the users happy with various Turkish movies. If you talk about the drawback, the PuhuTV diziler don’t have English subtitles. 

  • Legal and free service is available in the form of a mobile app
  • Live broadcasts of the Turkish dizi 
  • Smooth user interface
  • Big Library of both new & old Turkish series
  • English subs are not available

9. TurkFlix


Whether you want to watch all episodes of a Turkish series belonging to 2017 or are willing to get news of upcoming shows of 2024, TurkFlix is the absolute option. It has a vast library with hundreds of Turkish movies and TV series with perfect resolution quality. Some classic series like Asi, Aşk-ı Memnu, and Adını Feriha Koydum are also available here. 

  • Premium platform 
  • 3000 episodes of Turk dramas & movies
  • Superb translation quality
  • Yearly subscription comes with a price tag of $60. Yes, you can get a 50% discount when you select an annual plan

10. Disney Plus

DisneyPlus Turkish Series

Disney Plus has recently begun producing Turkish series. In this regard, El Turco got worldwide appreciation because Can Yaman could be seen in the lead role. Some other worth-watching shows that are available on Disney+ are Kaçış, Adim Farah, and Dunyayla Benim Aramda. 

Lamentably, few online sources claim that Disney Plus has ended its Turkish collection for international users. It is a sad announcement, but maybe the use of VPN extensions and some reputed VPN services could be beneficial to tackle this matter. Yes, we suggest employing a Türkiye IP. 

  • Paid & has a good set of new Turkish drama series
  • Easy to enable Spanish, French, English, Dutch & Arabic subs
  • HD video quality without ads if you pick Disney Plus Premium
  • Disney+ Basic costs you $7.99 & £7.99 on a monthly basis if you live in the United States and the United Kingdom

11. YouTube

YouTube to Watch Turkish Series Online

Compared to Korean dramas, Turkish content faces fewer copyright problems on YouTube. Yes, if you want to stream Turkish series with English subs on a mobile app, you shouldn’t ignore YouTube. Numerous Turkish dramas like Duy Beni, Early Bird, Kan Çiçekleri, and Safir are at hand on YouTube.

  • Free & Quick to Access
  • Easy to skip the ads
  • It is a little difficult to search the series

12. Kayi Family

Kayi Family

As it is easy to guess from the name, Kayi Family displays all seasons of historical Turk television series subbed in English. It perfectly organizes the seasons and episodes for the convenience of users. By the way, if you want to watch Kurulus Osman with Spanish titles, it is the right place.

  • Smooth dark interface
  • Free website to watch period dramas
  • Have limited shows

13. Turkfans

Turkfans Turkish Series with English Subtitles

Turkfans is a trusted name that streams a variety of both classic and novel Turkish drama series with better translations. Although this Turkish drama website is free but, you have to become a registered member of this site before watching a show. We will let you know if we see any change in their policy. 

  • Free site to watch Turkish series 
  • Comes with fewer ads
  • Vast library of shows
  • Membership is necessary

14. Peacock

Promix TV Turkish Shows

Peacock TV is gaining popularity among American and European audiences because of its excellent services. Fortunately, you can also benefit from Peacock TV if you want to watch series like Flames of Fate, Kaderimin Oyunu, Iffet, and Kizim with Spanish & English dubbing.

  • The best app to watch Turkish series subbed in English in the UK, US, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, and Switzerland
  • Offers new shows subbed & dubbed in English & Spanish
  • Peacock Premium costs you $6 per month 

15. FilmBox+


FilmBox+ is a nice option for German, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, and UK audiences to see diziler like Queen of the Night, Brave and Beautiful, and The End. This place has great similarities with Philo TV because it doesn’t only have series & movies, but it streams live channels. You should choose The Timeless Dizi Channel (TDC) to explore Turk content.

  • Excellent paid application to watch Turkish TV serials with English Subtitles in Europe
  • 800 hours collection of famous Turk shows
  • User-friendly interface & HD resolution
  • App to watch your favourite Turkish shows with Eng subs for €0.99/month

16. Dizi Channel

Dizi Channel

Are you looking for a dedicated application to watch a series of Turkey on mobile? If yes, you must consider Dizi Channel. Although it has been designed for European audiences to fulfill their Turkish drama needs, but you can use this app anywhere in the world. Popular series it has are Kurt Seyit and Shura and Endless Love.

  • A dedicated app with positive ratings
  • Available for both iOS and Android users
  • Insufficient number of shows
  • The Dizi Channel app comes with a monthly price tag of €4.99

17. Turkish123 


Do you want to watch Turkish series online for free from previous years? Turkish123 is the best free place to get them. It even has a category named ‘Years’ available on the header. You can simply put the year there and will find the required series. 

Although the legal status of Turkish123 is compromised and displays many popup ads, but it is still ranking among the top rankings of Google. 

  • All-in-one place to find Turkish content
  • Ample library of dramas
  • Popup ads could be annoying

18. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is a video streaming platform that hosts a wide range of Turkish series subbed in Arabic, English, Spanish, and many other languages. It is an underdog that has more than YouTube shows but is less popular among users. The only drawback of using Dailymotion is the difficulty of finding the desired episode. 

  • Stream series without popup ads
  • More shows are available 
  • Seamless desktop & mobile experience
  • Fewer restrictions on copyright

19. Kinemania TV

Kinemania TV

Kinemania TV is not very popular, but it is still a credible freemium option on our list. It lets users get all episodes and seasons on a single page. Especially if you are using this site through the desktop. Surely, it is a platform worth considering for watching classic, modern, and romantic Turkish dramas.

  • Free site with a smooth interface
  • Easy to get all episodes on a single page
  • Better display of series

20. YoTurkish


If you need an alternative to Turkish123, then YoTurkish is the right pick. Like Turkish123, this site also holds multiple genres of Turkish television series translated into English. However, the interface is a little sluggish. Mainly, popup ads could be troublesome for many users.

  • Alternative to Turkish123
  • Uploads new episodes daily
  • Popup ads could be irritating

Alert: read it before streaming these free sites:

Free streaming sites are crowded with popups and a variety of ads that can lead you to a maligned website. That can jeopardize your online presence & data. So, it is better to open such links in an incognito window and not click on ads. 

Similarly, ISPs & governments have an eye on your internet activity. It could be troublesome for you if they find you streaming copyrighted content. Thus, we don’t force anyone to go with illegal streaming options. To mask your IP address, the use of VPN services could be beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions about Watching Turkish Series

Are these series streaming websites legal?

Streaming services like Netflix, Peacock, PuhuTV, Disney Plus, and YouTube are 100% legal. However, the status of other websites is unverified. Sadly, DigitalCruch doesn’t have the resources to confirm the legitimacy of every option. 

Where can you watch Turkish series with English subtitles for free?

ExpressDizi is the best free website to watch Turkish series subbed in English.

Apps to watch Turkish series for free?

YouTube, Dailymotion & Puhutv are the best mobile apps to stream Turkish drama series for free.

What are the best apps to watch the Turkish series?

Netflix and Disney Plus are the best apps to approach the Turkish series. These platforms confer original shows as well.

Best paid site to watch English-subbed Turkish series and movies?

Turkflix is the best site you should subscribe to in this regard.

Can I watch the Turkish series on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix showcases many Turk series & movies for international subscribers.

Legal Disclaimer: This post is entirely educational. doesn’t host, manage, sell, own, or distribute streaming websites, apps, services, or IPTV. In this regard, we don’t have the authority to check the legitimacy of any website or app. Some of the mentioned sources could be unverified, and end-users should stream them on their sole responsibility. 

This article shares one of the best free & paid sources where you can watch Turkish series with English subtitles without hassle. However, we want to clarify that we don’t run any of these platforms. The main agenda of this article is only to share well-researched information with our readers. 

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