If you are into Italian or Turkish TV series, you must know Can Yaman, his dapper looks and brilliant acting skills. However, if you are a fan of Erkenci Kuş’s actor, it is the right place to get your answers regarding this actor.

Who is Can Yaman?

Yaman is a Turkish national model and actor born on 8 November 1989 in Istanbul. He started his acting career with the serial Gönül İşleri in 2014. Since then, he has appeared in many Turkish and Italian romantic comedies like Viola Come Il Mare, Bay Yanlis, and El Turco. 

Can Yaman Biography

Early Life

Although Yaman was born in Istanbul but his parents belong to Macedonia and Albanian. The childhood of this actor was not very pleasant. His parents divorced when he was only 5 years old. Then, his grandparents took responsibility for his upbringing. However, it is essential to know that the grandparents of Yaman had poor financial conditions.

Age34 Years
Weight75 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Marital StatusSingle


Yaman went to Bilfen College to get primary education. Later, he studied at Liceo Italiano di Istanbul. It is basically a private Italian school based in Istanbul. By the way, this school is undoubtedly a major reason behind his good Italian. But he is not only good at speaking Italian but also fluent in Turkish, French, German, and Spanish languages.

On the contrary, if we discuss his higher education, he got a law degree from Yeditepe University in 2012. 

Professional Life

This fact will amaze drama viewers that Yaman didn’t begin his professional career by acting. Yes, after obtaining a law degree, he commenced practicing law in a multinational company, PwC. Correspondingly, he also wrote many pieces of content for the taxation category of the Turkish newspaper Dünya.

However, he never found himself fit in legal practice and journalism. So, 2014 was the year when he entered the world of entertainment and never looked back. He performed back-to-back in many TV series and commercials and one music album.

Love Life

Yaman lives an open life, and journalists have reported on many of his affairs with several beauties from the media industry. Withal, it is important to know Can is still single, but we can talk about his dating history with gorgeous ladies:

Acelya Topaloglu: She is an actress from the show Inadina Ask. Yaman was linked with Acelya Topaloglu when he was doing this series.

Acelya Topaloglu Can Yaman

Demet Ozdemir: Demet Ozdemir is a renowned Turkish actress who has been seen in Adim Farah, Erkenci Kus, and many other series. Though she never admitted anything about her love affair with Yaman, but there was worldwide news about their relationship.

Demet Ozdemir Can Yaman

Bestemsu Ozdemir: Both of them never starred together, but media sources claim that Bestemsu Ozdemir was engaged to Dolunay star for a short period of time. But soon, they got estranged. 

Bestemsu Ozdemir Can Yaman

Diletta Leotta: Diletta Leotta is an Italian TV presenter spotted with Turkish model Can Yaman several times. You can also call it the most recent love affair of Yaman, which is being noticed. Officially, neither of them ever confessed to this relationship. But all rumors ended when Diletta Leotta married Loris Karius in March 2023.

Diletta Leotta Can Yaman

Maria Giovanna Adamo: According to different sources, there is a strong bond between Viola actress Maria Giovanna Adamo and Yaman. She has been Miss Italy, and Yaman is still doing an Italian show with her. She could probably be his girlfriend. But it is unconfirmed. 

Maria Giovanna Adamo Can Yaman

List of TV & Web Series

Let’s explore the web and TV shows of Yaman:

YearSeries NameRoleCharacter NameShow Type
2014 – 2015Gönül İşleri (Affairs of the Heart)LeadingBedir KocadağTurkish Series
2015 – 2016İnadına Aşk (In Spite of Love)LeadingYalin ArasTurkish Series
2016 – 2017Hangimiz Sevmedik?LeadingTarik ÇamTurkish Series
2017Dolunay (Full Moon)LeadingFerit AslanTurkish Series
2018 – 2019Erkenci Kus (Daydreamer)LeadingCan DivitTurkish Series
2020Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong)LeadingÖzgür AtasoyTurkish Series
2021Che Dio ci aiutiGuestGinoItalian Series
2022Viola come il mare (Viola)LeadingFrancesco DemirItalian Series
UpcomingEl TurcoLeadingHasan BalabanDisney Series

Commercials & Music Videos

Yaman is a brand ambassador of many brands including DESA, Pasha Fencer and TUDORS. Besides, he has been seen in Disney+, Mercedes-Benz, and Dolce & Gabbana ads. Gülnur Gökçe is the only music video in which he acted.  


He has been nominated for dozens of awards since the beginning of his acting career, but the core ones he has won are:

  • Golden Butterfly Awards (2018)
  • Golden Star Awards (2019)
  • E! News TV (2019)
  • Murex d’Or (2019)
  • Filming Italy Best Movie Award (2021)
  • Monte Carlo Film Festival of Comedy (2022)
  • Filming Italy Sardegna (2022)
  • Filming Italy Best Film (2022)


How Old is Can Yaman?

He is 34 years old. 

In Which Year Can was Born?

This Turkish actor was born on 8 November 1989.

Is Yaman Married?

Yaman hasn’t married yet. Though he dated many girls, but his current relationship status is single. 

Are There Can Yaman’s Movies on Netflix?

Firstly, it is significant to know Yaman never did a movie in his whole career. So, the answer is no. You can find any of his films on Netflix.

What are Can Yaman Movies and TV Shows?

He hasn’t appeared in any Turkish or Italian film since the beginning of his acting journey. His popular TV shows are Erkenci Kus, İnadına Aşk, Dolunay, Bay Yanlış and Viola. 

Who is the Wife of Can Yaman?

Yaman is an unmarried man. 

Does Can Yaman have children?

No, he doesn’t have any kids. 

How Many Languages he can Speak?

He can speak English, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, German and French. 

Does Can Yaman have an official Instagram account?

Yes, he has a blue-ticked Instagram account with 10 million followers. 

What is the New Series of Can Yaman?

El Turco is a new series of Can Yaman, which will be aired on Disney+ very soon. 

How did Yaman and Diletta Meet?

Yaman is good at speaking Italian, which is why he got many offers from Italy. During his visit to Rome, he met with TV presenter Diletta Leotta. Withal, they have separated their ways long ago. 

What did Yaman Study?

He studied law at Yeditepe University Istanbul. 

Is Can Yaman from Turkey? 

Yes, Yaman is from Turkey. 

What does Yaman do for a living?

He is acting and modeling to live a life. 

Is Can Divit of Erkenci Kuş half Albanian?

Yes, his ancestors are Kosovo Albanians when it comes to ethnicity. 

How many Instagram followers does he have?

He has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. 

Where is Can Yaman?

Yaman is busy shooting his current show, Viola, in Rome. He is also doing many projects in Italy. 

Are Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir Married?

No, they are not married. There were rumors about their relationship but there is nothing serious now. 

Altezza Can Yaman?

6′ 2″

Hopefully, this biography will be able to answer all of your questions related to the actor of Erkenci Kuş. For more queries, you can comment below!

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