The appearance of Can Yaman in Turkish shows, Italian dramas, and movies gets much attention from local and international audiences. However, it is always a big question: ‘What are the worth-watching films and shows of Can Yaman that you shouldn’t miss in 2024?’. This article will answer this question.

With more than 10 million followers on Instagram, Can Yaman is one of the most attractive Turkish actors. He was born in 1989 in İstanbul, Türkiye. Although Can Yaman studied law, but he is famous for his hypnotic acts in popular Turkish dramas like Erkenci Kus and Dolunay. Indeed, Yaman captivates audiences with his all-round acting skills. His ability to portray emotions and engage viewers in the entertainment industry has earned him global acclaim.

7 Best Shows of Can Yaman You Must Watch

1. Erkenci Kus

Year: 2018 – 2019

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Other Name: Daydreamer

Erkenci Kus

Erkenci Kuş is a romantic series with a pinch of comedy where Can Yaman plays Can Divit, a carefree photographer. This is undoubtedly one of the credible Can Yaman shows with an absolute storyline. The story revolves around Can’s unexpected encounter with Sanem, played by Demet Ozdemir, leading to a whirlwind romance. 

His charismatic portrayal brings depth to the character, showcasing his transformation from a playboy to a genuinely enamored partner. This Can Yaman series captures the essence of love, humor, and personal growth, making it a fan favorite.

2. Bay Yanlis

Year: 2020

Genre: Romcom 

Other Name: Mr. Wrong

Bay Yanlis Can Yaman

This romantic sitcom follows the story of Ozgur, played by Can Yaman, a charismatic restaurant owner with a cynical view of love. His life turns unexpectedly when he meets Ezgi, played by Ozge Gurel, who seeks his help in orchestrating a fake relationship. 

His portrayal of Ozgur adds depth to the series, blending humor and romance in this entertaining exploration of love’s complexities.

3. Dolunay

Year: 2017

Genre: Drama, Romance

Other Name: Full Moon

Dolunay Can Yaman Shows

Dolunay is one of the best dramas of Can Yaman, where he plays Ferit Aslan, a successful businessman. The story revolves around Ferit hiring Nazli, portrayed by Ozge Gurel, to pretend to be his wife. As the two navigate the complexities of their fake relationship, genuine feelings emerge. 

Yaman’s charismatic portrayal of Ferit brings depth to the character, adding humor and emotion to this engaging tale of love and deception.

4. İnadına Aşk

Year: 2015 – 2016

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Other Name: In Spite of Love

İnadına Aşk

İnadına Aşk is a Turkish romantic comedy series where Can Yaman plays the lead role, Yalin Aras. The story revolves around Yalin, a wealthy businessman, and Defne, played by Acelya Topaloglu, who works in his company. Mistaken identities, humorous situations, and unexpected love create a captivating narrative. 

Indeed, the Turkish actor’s charismatic portrayal of Yalin adds depth to the character, contributing to the series’ popularity among viewers.

5. El Turco

Year: 2023 (upcoming)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

El Turco

El Turco is an Italian show of Can Yaman where he is paired with Italian actress Greta Ferro. This is one of the latest series of Can Yaman, which will premiere on Disney Plus soon. DigitalCruch has also talked about El Turco in its article about the Turkish series on Disney+

However, the story revolves around a Turkish guy, Balaban Aga, who settles in the Fassa Valley of Italy and falls in love with a local girl. 

6. Viola

Year: 2022

Genre: Crime, Comedy, Action

Other Name: Viola come il mare


Viola, a series featuring Can Yaman, is full of action, crime, and comedy. The story portrays Viola Vitale, a Miss Fashion of Italy, and her journey of self-discovery as she navigates love and relationships. She works as a fashion journalist and meets with detective Francesco Demir to sort out a crime case. 

The chemistry between the main lead of this show and Can Yaman makes it a captivating blend of romance and humor that resonates with audiences.

7. Hangimiz Sevmedik

Year: 2016 – 2017

Genre: Drama, Romance

Other Name: Marriage by Surprise

Hangimiz Sevmedik

Hangimiz Sevmedik is a Turkish drama series where Can Yaman plays the character of Tarik. The story revolves around love, family, and societal expectations. Tarik, a charismatic and ambitious young man, navigates the complexities of romance amidst familial pressures. 

Erkenci Kus’s Can Divit surely adds depth to the character. Also, Can Yaman showcases his acting prowess in conveying the emotional intricacies of love and relationships within the cultural context of the narrative.


In short, the versatile performances of Turkish actor Can Yaman in all these esteemed serials underscore his acting prowess. Yaman’s remarkable ability to embody diverse characters has achieved widespread international acclaim. His ongoing contributions to Turkish television solidify his position as a pivotal figure in the industry, elevating its global standing.

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