Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy does care about the privacy of the users that visit the blog to explore the latest content regarding Entertainment, Gadgets, Apps, etc. We came up with a privacy policy to show the commitment of protecting the collected data from the users’ data on the website. It is significant for users to know how we use the information collected from them. The information that we collect from the user and privacy policy of DigitalCruch are explained below.

We encourage visitors to see not only the privacy policy of DigitalCruch but also the other website to explore how the site uses the data collected from the user.

Information We Gather

DigitalCruch only gets the personal data of the users that are given by them. The users only provide us with information on the comments section of any article in which it includes name, email address and the website if they own any. We neither misuse any of the data, nor we use it for the marketing purpose. The data of users are stored safely without any fear of misuse of data. You can easily rely on the website regarding your data protection and privacy.

How We Collect Information

DigitalCruch does not ask the users personally to provide us with their personal information. The users only provide us with information that they want to deliver. We do not steal any your data, and there is no signup or registration option where we gather information of users to use our website. Users only provide information in the comments of articles, and we don’t use any of the provided data for any commercial or private purpose.


Likewise, DigitalCruch also collects the cookies from the users that are helpful for users to load the website more efficiently. If any of the users are not comfortable in it, then they can turn off by modifying the settings of the Internet Browser. There is no harm to sharing cookies with the website, but it is helpful for the website to analyse the usage & performance of the website.

Change in Privacy Policy

Legal requirements of any platform change accordingly by the change in time. There can be a change in the privacy policy of DigitalCruch too. The website never hands over the data of the users for harmful activity and nothing like this will ever happen. However, the privacy policy can be changed in future by following the needs of the website.

There will be no notification for the users when the privacy policy of the website changes. Users can only see the current privacy policy by visiting the Privacy Policy page of the DigitalCruch. There is no hard and fast rule for not changing or maintain the same privacy policy.

There is no ambiguity for users to understand our privacy policy. However, it is clear to users that nothing harmful activity will be done with the users’ data & information.

You can ask if you have any query regarding the privacy policy of the website without any hesitation.

Last Edited: September 14, 2019