The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has forced many people to work from home and required students to study from home. It might sound like a simple adjustment, but it hasn’t been easy for anyone to perform at the same level in the new environment. So, this article is exploring one of the top productivity gadgets to improve remote job and workplace performance.

It’s just a fact that we’re not going to be able to duplicate the work or study environment that we had previously enjoyed at the office or in the classroom. Instead, we’ve struggled with maintaining productivity, creativity, and motivation; prone to distraction and boredom. 

Some different tools and productivity gadgets could be of great help in bringing that office-like experience into your home. They can also help to make your workplace more interesting and enlivening. According to Aruba Networks’ report, 74% of employees are more likely to be satisfied with their job when they work in a digital office.

We have listed the 20 best productivity gadgets for 2023 that can help you enhance your home office or classroom experience: 

1. FeelZing Energy Patch

FeelZing Energy Patch is the first neurostimulation patch ever that helps to boost productivity, improve concentration, and gain extra energy for daily tasks. Its scientists spent more than ten years on research and analysis. It works by targeting the nerves behind your ear and balancing your autonomic nervous system. 

A cool thing about this patch is that it is simple to use and can replace caffeine without having side effects like jitters, anxiety, or high heart rate.

How can you benefit from using a FeelZing patch? 

The FeelZing patch:

  • Improves energy and alertness 
  • Enhances concentration
  • Increases motivation and productivity
  • Decreases mental and physical fatigue
  • Improves attentiveness

The FeelZing Energy Patch can be used twice. Just re-wrap the patch with convenient packaging, peel off the gel layer, and you are free to use it again whenever you need it.  

Feelzing Patch

2. Saent

Saent is a gadget designed to increase productivity by blocking online distractions. There are billions of web pages on the internet and it’s difficult to keep yourself from being distracted by one site or another. With just one press on the device, you can block it all and keep your focus on your work.  

It is the first smart gadget designed to help remote work. It removes digital distractions and encourages people to focus on one task at a time. In addition, it also makes people use only apps and websites that are productive for work. This helps people to work properly on tasks by not seeing something useless.

This remote working gadget is one of the best productivity gadgets in the market right now. The device is so powerful and handy that you can carry it even if you want to work in a coffee shop.


3. Morning Sidekick Journal

Morning Sidekick Journal is a science-based morning journal that helps promote healthy living habits. It helps people to follow proper science-based techniques that can be immediately applied. 

It could be a few of the best productivity gadgets for you to keep your workday on track. This journal is a life coach and an accountability partner at the same time. Sidekick Journal helps you to build good work habits like waking up early.

It poses a look forward to the activities and plans for daily based work. Moreover, Sidekick Journal keeps you steady and focused, which makes it easy to face every challenge that you’ll face for the day.  

Morning Sidekick Journal

4. ChargeWrite+

ChargeWrite+ is the smartest chargeable pen with a power bank that can charge iPhones and Android devices with a universal charging pin. Not only that, it can be used as a memory card and a screen cleaner. It has a built-in 16GB flash memory card and ball pen that can also be used for actual writing.

The chargeWrite+ has a 650mAh battery. It can be useful in the worst case. These productivity gadgets for students are truly time savers and technology magic. This tiny innovation is the solution for the little to the worst problem when you’re always on the go.


5. Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

Jabra Elite is the Alexa-optimized collection of the best wireless earbuds that provide great sound quality in any situation. Its waterproof technology and superior sound quality make it a worthy product to use. Its in-ear stability enables you to attend to calls without concerns of quality connection. It can also be used to just chill and listen to music with full bass.

It is a secure fitting earbud that provides responsible ear stability. No outside audio will disturb the sound. It is a worthy earbud because of its sound quality and a single charge will provide battery backup for p to 5 hours. It is the best performer even while working in noise.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

6. Multi-Device Keyboard

A multi-device keyboard allows us to connect Bluetooth devices with a PC, laptop, or tablet–all at the same time. It also has a slot to keep tablets and mobiles in a proper position while typing. You can easily switch devices and put them all to use.

This keyboard is portable and can be used in the worst possible situations. This keyboard is the perfect option for typing masters and keyboard friendly people. It is comfortable and enjoyable while typing. It can be used wirelessly, so there is no need for wire and vice versa.

With its sleek and compact portable design, it is surely one of the best productivity gadgets for students. It can also be used as a remote working gadget to make typing jobs and other desk jobs easier.

Multi-Device Keyboard - Productivity Gadgets

7. R2 D2 USB Vacuum Cleaner

This small cute-looking R2 D2 mini vacuum cleaner would help you to keep your desk clean. It supports USB cables and its design is light and appealing. It won’t help you clean the whole house, but it can be used to clean a small area on a work table.

Having a dirty desk is not everyone’s choice. Cigarette ashes, paper pieces, dust, etc. make the table dirty. It will not be neat and clean with a cloth duster. 

This mini vacuum cleaner is the perfect option for easily cleaning the desk. This makes the table clean in a simple way. It saves time as well as effort.

R2 D2 USB Vacuum Cleaner

8. Appkettle

Appkettle is a WiFi-based device that can schedule a time for water or coffee. You can select a time and it’ll have your drink ready for you when you get home. The kettle has sense-ability, so it will only use the required quantity of water to boil. With its amazing features, it affords you convenience and a nice cup of coffee or tea! 

Appkettle combines technology with simple apps to smart control. It is made to maximize the kettle’s potential to a high level with creative innovations. Just looks like a simple water kettle but works the technological work. It is beautiful and made with standard class electric functionality. It provides lots of benefits and is also easy to use.

Appkettle - Best Productivity Gadgets

9. Wynd Air Purifier

A Wynd Air Purifier is a gadget designed to purify the air, eliminating germs and allergens. The tool can purify enough air for one person at a time. Its sensors can also rate the air quality on a mobile-optimized app.

Polluted air can harm both humans and their pets. Many causes of diseases nowadays are because of poor air quality. This gadget improves the air quality better. This can purify the harmful germs and bacteria from the air and deliver pure clean air. 

This device is controlled by a mobile app. That makes technology and requirements in a single path easier. The person at a single time will be pollution free with the help of this device.

Wynd Air Purifier

10. Primera Portable Printer

Primera is the smallest portable printer that would be used as a printer, scanner, and copier. Within seconds, you can print anything, anywhere. Its small size makes it easy to carry wherever you go and can be used in the office, at home, or while travelling.

Sometimes printing socks. There may be a hurry or urgent need for a hard copy file. In these situations, this portable printer is true. This is compatible with any OS and laptop that has a USB port. It comes with software for scanning PDF files, images, and other formats.

There is also an optional battery pack available that allows to print up to 350 pages per charge.  Its weight is 2.6 lbs and comes with USB 2.0 connectivity. It’s easy to carry and use as simple as its value.

Primera Portable Printer

11. Rocki Music System

Rocki Music System is a Wi-Fi music dongle that can connect your mobile to any speaker. It is easy to set up through the app. If you like to listen to music, this is an excellent tool to effortlessly stream high-quality music. 

It is one of the cheapest ways to get Spotify connected. That allows the user to directly stream music from Spotify to any speaker. This dongle is portable to carry because of its onboard battery.  It is an affordable, easy, and user-friendly device. This device makes music and hacking gadgets more fun for music lovers. 

Rocki Music System

12. Kevo Smart Lock

Kevo Smart Lock is a smart lock that can lock and unlock doors with your phone. Its design is well-made and it can withstand large forces and temperatures. It has many features that can easily replace your old lock. 

It helps to know about the entry and exit of any person from home. Users can also share eKeys with loved ones or relatives to access home from their phone. Every time use of eKeys, users get a notification. The key function of this gadget provides reliable security.

It can also run through Bluetooth if needed. It is compatible with smartwatches also. This smart lock has a feature of schedule. Users can schedule limits of time. This is perfect for regular visitors, cleaners, etc. This amazing gadget makes the way of living cool and technology-friendly. 

Kevo Smart Lock

13. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled gadget for personal assistance. It can play music and songs by voice command. Similarly, it can also be used to control smart-home equipment and other Amazon devices. 

This device is a smart speaker that follows voice instructions. Amazon Echo is one of the smart devices which is easy to use and comfortable. Searching for music, and streaming the internet through voice commands is fun and easy.

And also this smart speaker needs to use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. There is also no external port on the device.

Amazon Echo

14. Celle Chair

It can be tiring working from a single chair for long hours. Celle Chair is designed to allow you to work for long hours without any discomfort. Its unique design ensures full-body comfort.  

This chair is highly engineered with an intelligent surface. That makes it comfortable to sit for a long period. It features cellular suspension which responds to different areas of the body. This chair is comfortable and reduces back pain. 

The suspension of the chair forms flexes max which conforms to its unique shape. It is a perfect chair for official use, where you have to sit at a place for a long time. This is available in different warm colours. This helps to increase the beauty of the office also.

Celle Chair

15. Alba Lightbulb

Alba Lightbulb is an automatic light-adjusting bulb that maintains the proper light level by adjusting energy. Its sensors can adjust the brightness according to indoor light levels. It also has the feature to turn off the light automatically when you’re away, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on. 

This lightbulb works with motion and ambient light sensors. It is a beautiful bulb with pretty work put on it. Adjusting brightness and turning off and on the sensor is a perfect time saver. In this technical era, having this light bulb can increase the ambient feel of the home.

Alba Lightbulb

16. Cable Organizers

Cable organizers hold the cables for multiple devices at a single point. It makes a huge difference in keeping your workplace tidier and more professional.  We’ve all been lost before in a tangle of wires! 

This compact tiny station tidies up all the loose cords on the desk. This design is brilliant to keep cords snugly trucked in. this won’t slide cords on the ground while unplugged. Sometimes it’s messy to stick a plug in place. This also seems uncool. 

Cable organizers can hold multiple cables in a single place for ease of access. This helps to save time and feels cool. This gadget simply systematically manages the hanging cables. 

Cable Organizers - Best Productivity Gadgets

17. SanDisk Wireless Stick

SanDisk Wireless Stick is a unique flash drive that lets you share files with your smartphone or tablet. It comes with a high capacity storage of 128GB.

With its high quality and outstanding durability, there is much less chance of data injury. Another great feature is that it can stream videos on up to three devices at the same time. This makes this device a good productivity gadget for students.

It can be used to transfer and manage files between devices. Mobile apps are required to transfer files from Apple products. This makes it easy to transport files in a short time. 

The battery life of the drive is up to 4.5 hours. Even if the driver will shut off the wireless radio, it can be plugged directly into the computer’s USB port. This method doesn’t use the battery of the driver.

SanDisk Wireless Stick

18. RocketBook

No longer will you need to carry a pen and notebook every time you go out.  RocketBook enables you to take notes and then directly upload them to the Cloud. This is one of the best productivity gadgets for students that is reusable and can be used for many years. You can easily erase your notes with a cloth. 

It is a cloud-connected smart notebook that is made for ease of use. It is a digitally organized note-taking gadget designed for time-saving and data saving for the long term. You can use this smart notebook gadget to increase productivity and remind you of your tasks for the day.


19. Posture Corrector

We all want to have good posture but we rarely manage to keep it in mind. The posture corrector helps to maintain the correct posture while sitting, walking, and sleeping. It tracks your posture and shows results on the app.

Bad posture can be genetic. This is not good for your health and physical body because this can cause an injury. There are a lot of ways to maintain body posture. One of the best ways is to use technology-based posture correctors. They are very useful and easy to use in the modern world.

The lightweight posture correctors are comfortable to use. They should provide gentle correction if you miss-posture your body. This device is user-friendly and very handy when on the go.

Posture Corrector

20. Portable Projector

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just quickly put on a presentation when the opportunity suddenly arises? Portable projectors allow you to show your presentation convincingly and effectively even if you don’t have a big screen projector.   

They come in lightweight with good data image quality. It comes with an in-built battery. They have various functions like playing music, displaying photos and videos using USB sticks. These portable projectors are time and life savings. They can be used for business, education, or official use.

These can be the best partner for outdoor camping and home theatre. They are lightweight and convenient with a beautiful design. Overall they are for home entertainment and official use.

Portable Projector

21. Portable Laptop Stand

It is challenging to use a laptop everywhere you go. Any laptop without a stand can be uncomfortable, not to mention running the risk that it will overheat. A portable laptop stand is convenient to set up and carry.  

Laptop stands are mainly used for air-cooling. This helps to chill out the temperature of the laptop and maintain it. They are simple to use and beneficial. Some stands come with folding techniques, which makes carrying them easier. 

These stands are useful while typing outdoor, bedroom, office, etc. They are affordable and comfortable. They clip the laptop adjusted and make sure that the laptop is sitting sturdy and secure.

Portable Laptop Stand

Final Words

It’s essential to stay engaged and productive in our place of work or study. This is the era of technology gadgets, with plenty of advantages to offer. These best productivity gadgets in the market were chosen to improve productivity and help you with your daily tasks.

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