Cotton candy is a fluffy sweet which is equally popular among kids and adults. It was initially introduced in 1897 by William Morrison and John Wharton. Since then, this sugary treat has delighted the taste buds of people of all ages with a low price tag. Its economical production cost and popularity also make it a promising startup. In that case, the use of cotton candy vending machines would be ideal for businesses.

In this article, we will discuss the best cotton candy vending machines with their core features and prices and give an overview of the cotton candy market.

Best Cotton Candy Vending Machines

Cotton Candy Market Overview

The production of cotton candy is proliferating all over the globe. According to a report by Future Market Insights, the value of the cotton candy maker market will hit 169.3 billion USD by 2032. The same research says this value was only 107.2 billion USD in 2022. 

It means the business of cotton candy would have a bright future with a growth rate of 4.7%. By the way, the Northern American market has a share of 28% in this report. On the contrary, startups think the cotton candy business is easy to commence because this project needs less effort and capital. Moreover, cotton candy vending machines have made the production process very smooth.

Correspondingly, if we talk about cotton candy production in the United States, it also has good growth. As per the news report published on Yahoo! Finance, the cotton candy market value will reach 26.8 million USD by 2032 with a CAGR of 4.4%. This report also forecasts that the use of residential cotton candy machines will surely enhance the intake of flossy candies among US residents.

Top Cotton Candy Vending Machines 

Let’s discover the best cotton candy vending machines:

1. Cotton Candy VX

Cotton Candy VX is another modern vending machine on our list. It is basically a product of SweetRobo, which is a boss in the robotics industry. It can surely skyrocket the sales of your cotton candy without any human aid in the United States. Yes, different bar and mall owners increased their sales in Arizona, California and Massachusetts with these VX machines.

Cotton Candy VX

Here are some critical characteristics of Cotton Candy VX:

Flavors & Shapes: Cotton Candy VX offers 6 unique flavors. If we talk about the shapes, you will get 30 shapes with hundreds of customization options. The availability of 3D shapes and 3 layers also make this cotton vending machine unique among rivals. 

Advanced Payment System: Cotton Candy VX uses a Nayax card reader to accept payments through debit or credit cards. By the same token, it also permits the users to pay through coins.

App Tracking: It comes with an excellent app tracking system that allows the managers to know about the sales and profits.

Easy to Use: It needs sugar flavor and paper cotton candy sticks to start the manufacturing process. In addition, you can easily install it anywhere, such as bookstores, malls, clubs, etc.

How Many Cotton Candies It Produces Per Hour?

Cotton Candy VX has the ability to make a single cotton candy in only 120 seconds. 


The price of this vending machine is 13,000 USD, according to the official website of SweetRobo. 

2. Magic Cotton USA

Magic Cotton USA is considered one of the largest cotton candy vending machine distributors in America. Without permanent staff, it allows the startup companies to get 40% more profit from the cotton candy business. You can easily find Magic Cotton robotics machines all over the United States. 

Magic Cotton USA

Here are the core features of Magic Cotton vending machines:

Automatic & Lightweight: Magic Cotton is a 100% automatic machine that weighs 30kg.

Flavors: With 32 different varieties of floss candy, you can find around 4 delicious flavors here. Some of the famous cotton candy varieties are sky flower, sweet cloud, baby blue and rainbow. 

Good for Health: Parents usually want to get healthy cotton candies for their kids. In this regard, you should use Magic Cotton because it can make low-calorie fairy flosses with gluten and lactose. Also, it can produce 100% vegan cotton candies.

Easy to Place: It is seamless to place this vending machine anywhere because of its user-friendly and lightweight design. Indeed, it is perfect to install at airports, malls, playgrounds and high-traffic places.

Mode of Payment: If we talk about its mode of payment, this is a modern machine that accepts both credit and debit cards. Similarly, you can also use cash to get cotton candy through Magic Cotton. 

How Many Cotton Candies Does It Produce Per Hour?

It makes 30 candy flosses in an hour. Or you can say it generates 1 cotton candy in 2 minutes. 


The price of the Magic Cotton vending machine is not mentioned on the official website. You should contact the sales team to explore the cost. 

3. Magic Candy Machine by Guangzhou Chuanbo 

Guangzhou Chuanbo Information Technology Co., Ltd is another big distributor and manufacturer of cotton candy vending machines. It comes with several positive reviews on Alibaba, which is why we are listing this option.

Magic Candy Machine by Guangzhou Chuanbo

Let’s talk about the key properties of this automatic cotton candy vending machine:

Certifications: The best part of this machine is the certifications that the supplier owns. Yes, Guangzhou Chuanbo has certifications like RoHS, ISO9001 and CE.

Best for Commercial Purpose: With a weight of 300 kg, it is considered an ideal candy floss machine to use for commercial reasons. You can place them at shopping malls, airports, pedestrian streets and amusement parks.

Payment Mode: It accepts bank notes, coins and debit/credit cards.

Design & Color Customization: This company lets the buyers customize the color and design of the machine according to their taste or requirements.

How Many Sugar Cotton Wools Does It Produce Per Hour?

It takes 1 minute to make a simple design, and for complicated patterns, it takes 2 minutes to make a cotton candy.


The price of this machine is 5800 USD if you order 9 samples. Correspondingly, if you purchase more than 10 units, the price will be 5700 USD. However, if you pick a sample or single unit, then it will cost you 8500 USD. 

4. 220V Remote Automatic Candy Floss Machine

The use of remote and fully automated candy floss machines is also growing among businesses. These machines don’t need a fixed installation, and you can carry and place them anywhere. Thus, if you are in search of such machines, we have a 220V Remote Automatic Candy Floss Machine by a Chinese vendor. 

220V Remote Automatic Candy Floss Machine

Here are the primary functionalities of this candy floss machine:

Cost Efficient: This is a cost-efficient machine which works on a less electric load. So, it means you would be able to save your energy costs. 

Customization: Guangzhou Red Rabbit Intelligent is the manufacturing company of this vending machine, and it allows the customers to customize the machine according to their requirements. You can contact them for all your queries before making an order.

Customer Support: Luckily, you will also find excellent post-delivery support when you buy a machine from here.

How Many Sugar Cotton Wools It Produces Per Hour?

It is not mentioned on the official website.


It is one of the most affordable cotton candy vending machines on our list. Indeed, the price of this remote machine is only 3800 USD. 

5. Fully Automated Machine by Blueprint Vending Warehouse

With free worldwide shipping and a 30-day return opportunity, Blueprint Vending Warehouse is a credible provider of candy floss vending machines. The fully automatic cotton candy vending machine of this company should be your preference if you are doing a large-scale business.

Yes, with 280 kg weight, it could be a perfect option for commercial use. In addition, it is considered one of the best vending machine brands if you are looking to manage snacks and further food items.

Full Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Let’s discuss the key properties of Blueprint Cotton Candy Vending Machine:

Flavors, Colors & Shapes: This machine can generate 30 types of flower shapes to amuse the customers. The number of available colors and shapes is 4. 

Language Support: It provides support for around 29 languages. So, you can pick a language according to your location. 

Payment System: It owns a high-tech payment system. In this regard, it depends on Pax and Nayax card reader systems. Withal, it also lets the users proceed with coins.

Sales Data: Businesses can also view the sales data when they use this vending machine. 

How Many Cotton Candies It Produces Per Hour?

The cotton candy-making speed of this vending machine is very appealing. Yes, it can produce cotton candy in 80 to 120 seconds. 


The price of a Blueprint cotton candy vending machine is $11,200. 

6. 700W-2500W Wireless Flower Cotton Candy Machine

The majority of businesses in the United States and EU countries import vending machines from China and Japan. So, if you want to import a wireless candy floss vending machine from China, you can choose this option. This machine comes with the brand tag of Guangzhou Red Rabbit Intelligent. 

Wireless Flower Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Here are the significant features of this machine:

Wireless: The cost of electricity is snowballing in the countries because of low economic activities nowadays. So, the use of a wireless candy floss vending machine will be a better choice for many reasons. You can also control the machine with wireless remote options.

Payment Option: This Chinese cotton candy vending machine authorizes three payment options to users. Yes, you can pay through bank notes, coins and credit/debit cards.

Inspection: The company conducts several inspections before shipping this machine to buyers. Therefore, you will find them best in quality.

Languages: The availability of 85 languages for the user interface is another great advantage of using the Wireless Flower Cotton Candy Machine. You can select a local language to engage more customers.

How Many Sugar Cotton Wools Does It Produce Per Hour?

It takes 80 to 120 seconds to produce a cotton candy. Withal, it is better to take a little training from Guangzhou Red Rabbit Intelligent Co. Ltd before customizing settings.


The prices of made-in-China cotton candy vending machines are very economical compared to US-manufactured units. Yes, the price of 700W-2500W Wireless Flower Cotton Candy Machine is $6,800. 

This article lists one of the best and most readily available candy-floss vending machines. Withal, we will also advise our readers not to select a unit randomly. You should contact the sales team to clear all of your doubts before making the final deal. 

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