Philo TV is a great internet television provider with a library of movies and shows like OTT platforms. Yes, you can find one of the best movies on Philo with excellent picture quality. Similarly, it has a sound library of TV shows. However, users are still curious to know the Philo refund policy.

Therefore, we are going to discuss the refund policy of Philo and how you can cancel your Philo subscription smoothly.

What is Philo’s Refund Policy?

Philo has a straightforward and user-friendly refund policy. In this regard, if you want to cancel your subscription and are willing to get the full amount, you must ask for a refund in the first seven days of your subscription. Indeed, Philo offers 7-day free trials. So, the users who apply for a refund or cancel their subscription in the first seven days will be able to get the total amount of money.

Philo Refund Policy

On the other hand, if you cancel a Philo subscription after 7-days, Philo TV will refund your money after detecting the amount of service you have utilized. Likewise, if you ask for a refund after 15 days of use, Philo will refund you the amount of unused (half) part of your subscription. 

How to Get a Philo Refund?

It is simple to request a refund. Hereof, you should open the ‘Philo Help Center’ and contact customer service by using Phone call or chat options. Correspondingly, you can also email and ask them to refund your amount and cancel the account.

Philo Customer Service

How Long Does Philo Refunds Take?

Philo has a policy to facilitate the users with the refund within seven business days. Sometimes, this duration can prolong and take more than seven days. You can again contact the Philo customer service for further queries in these situations.

Philo Refund with Chargeback

On the other hand, if it is time-consuming to talk with support staff, you can choose these steps to file a refund request with the Chargeback app:

  • Open your account and click the ‘Refund Instantly’ option
  • Designate the Philo charges that you can get back
  • Write your complete name here
  • Utilized the templated email
  • Press the send option

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

Does Philo Refund?

Yes, Philo TV surely has a policy to refund the user’s money, but some terms and conditions would apply in this regard. 

What is Philo Custom Service Number?

You can use this number 855-277-4456.

How Much Philo TV Charges?

Philo TV bills $25/month to its users. You can make ten profiles and connect three devices under a single subscription.

What Movies are on Philo?

Philo has a library of 70k movies and TV shows. It means you can find a massive amount of quality American movies on Philo. You can also pick add-ons STARZ, Movies & More and MGM+ to get more movie choices. 

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in finding the right way to get a refund and how you can use chargeback applications in this regard. You can also share your Philo refund experiences with us. 

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